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Designed wiłh Your Hair In Mind

Our engineers have developed the ultimate drying and straightening tool for every hair type. Learn how RevAir can work for you by selecting your hair type below.

RevAir wand photo

All hair łypes, Same Benefits

Tension without friction

Hair is effortlessly straightened with no need for harsh, damaging brush work. Cuticles are smoothed and strands aligned for more shine and softer feel.

Total coverage

Heat is applied within a confined space while water is pulled away, making this the most efficient and effective drying experience possible. No heat is wasted blowing at you or the people around you. With hair completely enveloped, it dries evenly from root to end.

Safe and sound

Aerodynamic design and thoroughly tested engineering ensure the smooth, unobstructed flow of hair. A heat sensor shuts off device if too much hair risks choking air flow and raising heat so you are protected from any risk of excessive heat.

See what people are saying

"Reverse-air is a game changer, the future for salon sleek hair. Thirty-five years within the hair industry, and rarely has a concept left me with just one word, WOW!"

"I've been a beauty director for a long time and I see every product that hits the market. I have to say, RevAir is one of the most ground-breaking tools I've seen - EVER. It's a real game-changer!"

"The breakthrough application of reverse-air offers a true step change in hair drying and straightening. With water essentially being pulled away, hair dries faster. This means hair is exposed to heat for much less time saving it from damage.

At the same time, this drying efficiency builds stronger hydrogen bond links resulting in longer lasting styles."

"Drying and straightening my hair has always been a chore and I’ve never liked the results - until now!  RevAir gives me a salon quality finish, in less than half the time it normally takes. Nothing beats the reverse-air technology of RevAir for the smoothest, softest and even camera ready hair.”