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    Healthy Hair Blog

    Lockdown is slowly easing and the world outside our homes is cautiously opening. Almost as exciting as sitting a metre (or is it two?) from mates in a pub is reuniting with our hair stylists!

    Depending on how well you’ve cared for your hair during lockdown, going back may be a bit daunting, even traumatic. Your stylist can only work with what they have. So, do your part and give them healthy locks with which to work their magic.

    Whether rushing back to the salon or not, maintaining healthy hair is an ongoing responsibility. To help you keep it at its best and most beautiful, we’ve curated these top 10 expert tips:

    With summer round the corner and quarantine easing up around the world, if you’re anything like me you’re already planning meet ups with your friends, be it at your local park, beach, or favourite outdoor restaurant.

    We’ve been at home (bored in the house, and in the house bored) for what seems like forever, and now that we are finally able to enjoy the outdoors again, hair care can easily go out of the window.

    So, here are 5 tips that you can adopt to care for your hair this summer, so you’re not playing catch up come winter.

    Starting to grey in my late 40s, I actually thought the newly sprung silver that was streaking through my dark locks looked rather cool. Then a colleague, proud of her own frankness, pointed them out like gum on pavement. Socially shamed, I banished all traces.

    In the physical world, our sense of self is naturally influenced by how others assess us – our appearance, intelligence, talent, everything. Unhelpfully, these judgements are often nothing more than the projected insecurities of those struggling with their own perceived inadequacies. So, it’s a vicious circle.

    As we hang on through lockdown, we’ve all been pushed to new levels of self-reliance. And while we strive to keep calm, for many of us, carrying on includes making do and managing our hair.

    A few blogs ago, we covered tips for bringing haircare in-house while salons are out. Since then, our customers have been sharing with us many of their resourceful, homemade hair hacks helping them to make do and manage.

    Having tried them all ourselves, we’ve selected the best 10 to share with you here.

    Give your favourites a go, so, when lockdown lifts, you’ll emerge with hair as ready to face the world as you are!

    We are all adapting to a new normal as we face this strange and challenging time. And I put the emphasis on face. Whether for work, study, socialising or family catch-ups that new normal probably means facing the world via Zoom, Teams, HouseParty or any one of the popular meeting apps. For many of us, this will be our first experience facing a screen of talking heads, including our own.

    It may be tempting to ‘let ourselves go’ in our isolation (oh dear, it’s noon and I still haven’t brushed my teeth!), but maintaining regular grooming habits will go a long way in keeping us sane with some semblance of normality. And, let’s face it, whilst wearing pyjama bottoms on Zoom calls is rather lovely, the camera is still focused on every detail from the shoulders up.

    Temporarily cut off from our beloved salons and stylists, hair care is going in-house. Colouring, cuts, blowouts…if you haven’t already googled the ‘HOW TOs’, this blog may serve as a good starting point.

    As you’ll know by now, understanding your hair type is the first step in maintaining its health. But what comes next? Whether you’re an experienced natural or someone who’s recently abandoned keratin treatments, hair bleach, perms or any other damaging agents, you have two primary goals: find products that work and use them in a way that’s best for your hair.