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    Healthy Hair Blog

    There are some facts of hair life that we simply have to face. Breakage, damage and loss.

    Fortunately, we are, to a large degree, in control of what happens to our hair by way of how we care for it. While these arch nemeses constantly lurk, we can indeed fight them and get the luscious, healthy locks we so desire.

    Of all the things we have to do in a day, hydrating and protecting our hair is not always top of the list. However, given the wear and tear from things like heat styling, colouring and weather changes, proper hair care really should move right on up it.

    To best protect your hair you must first understand its type and porosity. Between the two, porosity is a bit more important in terms of knowing the moisture levels your hair likes and the products you should use.
    If you want to test your hair porosity or to learn more about it, check out our hair porosity blog.

    Hair can be our best friend and our worst enemy all at the same time. More often than not, it becomes our enemy from a lack of understanding of how it works.

    Trying to figure out your hair is not the easiest task, but with our help, we hope that it can be a little easier. Once you truly understand your hair, your hair struggles will dwindle to zero.

    When you hear the phrase “healthy hair,”, what do you picture? Strong, shiny strands? Soft, smooth locks? Ahead full of thick, gleaming hair? We all want to have hair that is the “picture of health.” and often look for products or styling techniques that promise this. Whilst those do help, something essential for healthy hair that is often overlooked is a consistent diet containing the best foods to provide your hair and skin the nutrients and support they need.

    As we transition into autumn, it’s important to re-evaluate our hair care routines paying closer attention to the scalp as it's harder to keep it healthy and moisturised as the weather turns colder. If you’ve ever experienced a dry, flaking scalp, you understand how annoying it can be, especially if it’s causing itchiness and irritation. You may even fear it’s causing dandruff.

    Limp locks, fierce frizz, dull-as-dishwater look…and so goes the list of hair headaches that come from grooming routines that simply don’t work as they should. It’s easy to get stuck in the same hair care routine, whether or not it delivers the best possible results. However, with the promise of better hair, and a bit of knowledge, old habits can be broken as easily as a strand of damaged hair.