I tried the world’s first reverse-air hairdryer that's designed to give you the healthiest hair of your life, here's what happened

The Verdict

My hair was straighter than when I straighten it and depending on how you section your hair, you have different results. For instance, I sectioned my hair into two buns so I had a good level of volume, whereas if you section your hair into rolls, it creates a more voluminous effect.

The texture of my hair also felt smoother than if drying with a conventional hairdryer, as the hottest setting wasn’t as hot as a hairdryer so there is minimal hair damage.

Also an added bonus, my hair was shinier and felt more lightweight, which decreases the amount of product I would usually use after drying.

All in all, I achieved my desired look of straight, smooth, and frizz-free hair immediately after drying.

Glamour UK - July 12, 2019 

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